Ruff-Weigh 50 Hydraulic Weighing System
For Skid Steers, Large Loaders & High Capacity Forklifts

The Ruff-Weigh 50 is a Static Hydraulic Weighing System for skid steers, loaders, and forklifts. The Ruff-Weigh 50 Weighing System utilizes both accurate components combined with simple functions that will allow you to achieve new levels of efficiency.

Obtain your weight readings quickly and store them into memory to calculate a truck total. With the easy-to-use keyboard, operators can view both the individual and total weight.

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the Ruff-Weigh 50 Weighing System has several add-on capabilities and is equipped with temperature compensated electronics to maintain accuracy in changing weather conditions.

The Ruff-Weigh 50 can be installed in approximately4-5 hours and requires NO PROXIMITY SWITCHES AND NO WELDING!

Complete installation
kit included.
Click here to download a Ruff-Weigh 50 Weighing System specifications document.
Click here to download a Ruff-Weigh 50 Weighing System owners manual.

Features and Specifications:
1-2% Error of Equipment Capacity
.5 Inch Bright Red LED for Individual Weight Display
Temperature Compensated Accuracy
Operates on 12VDC
15’ Hydraulic Hose Equalizes Spikes to
Protect Transducer & Allow Easy Installation
Displays “Lock” Weight for Stable Viewing &
  Totalizing with Recall
View Individual and Total Weight
1 to 5 Points of Digital Calibration
Five Point Linearization
LB /KG Conversion
Totalization with Recall
RS232 Port for Printer Interface
12-Month Warranty Against Defects in
Material and Workmanship
Net/Gross Display Modes
Full Range Auto Tare
Adjustable Digital Filtering
All Pushbutton Controls
Printer Data Output on Demand
9 Pin Pressure Sensor Connection
Full Range Push Button Zero
Adjustable Motion Detection
Aluminum Dust-Tight Enclosure with Stainless
Steel Mounting Bracket

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