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Model CSW-10AT-CS
Crane Scale

Shipping & Receiving
General Purpose Weighing
Work - In Process
Anywhere an overhead crane is used
  and weight readings are desired
Standard Features Include:
Cast Aluminum Enclosure
AC/Battery Operation - 20 hrs. between charges
  Includes Battery with Internal Battery Charger
  and External Wall Battery Charger
Selectable Sleep Mode to Conserve
  Battery Power
Weight Totalization
Net / Gross Display Modes
Full Range Auto Tare
Adjustable Sample Rate
Digital Filtering
All Pushbutton Controls
.56” LED Display with Selectable Brightness
On / Off Switch
Center of Zero Annunciator
Lb / Kg Conversion
Span Adjustment at Increasing
  or Decreasing Weights
1 to 5 Points of Digital Calibration
Full Range Push Button Zero
Auto Zero Tracking
Adjustable Motion Detection
150% Safe Overload of Load Cell
300% Ultimate Overload of Load Cell
Light Weight for Easy Handling and Transport.
  10 - 20 lbs depending on capacity. See .pdf
  for optional ultra-tough carrying case.
Keypad Calibration with Audit Trail
Spare Battery
Rugged Storage-Carrying Case
Model CSW-10AT-CS Crane Scale Sizes and Capacities
Model Number
Capacity & Graduation
Shackle & Hook
Approx. Ship Weight
500 lbs. X .1 lbs.
2 Ton Shackle / 1.5 Ton Hook
10 lbs.
1,000 lbs. X .2 lbs.
2 Ton Shackle / 1.5 Ton Hook
10 lbs.
2,000 lbs. X .5 lbs.
2 Ton Shackle / 1.5 Ton Hook
10 lbs.
5,000 lbs. X 1 lb.
5 Ton Shackle / 5 Ton Hook
18 lbs.
10,000 lbs. X 2 lbs.
5 Ton Shackle / 5 Ton Hook
20 lbs.
Click here to download a .pdf data sheet. (2 pages)
Click here to download a .pdf owners manual. (18 pages)

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